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About Roz




Plant Based Chef, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Nutrition and Health Coach. 

Although I studied International Commerce, I knew I didn’t want to be stuck in an office job. I spent a year living in France during my degree and discovered my passion for both cooking and international travel. When I returned to Ireland I spent my summer studying classical cookery at Cooks Academy in Dublin. I had the most incredible time there. I had always been inventive in the kitchen but my time in Cooks Academy really taught me how to modify and build my own recipes through understanding the cooking techniques behind each dish and how to balance flavours to perfection.

As soon as I finished my final university exams I moved to Chicago. I lived with group of 10 friends and got some experience in a restaurant kitchen. I would spend hours making pasta, mixing huge pans of waffle dough, prepping and chopping food. I loved every second, but ultimately I knew that the long unsociable hours involved in becoming a professional chef were not for me.

My desire to travel and a lifelong interest in yoga then led me to India where I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in Goa. I studied Ashtanga yoga under the expert tutelage of Yogacharya Lalit Kumar. Our broader training also included Ayurveda, yoga philosophy, meditation, anatomy and physiology. It was a magical experience. We would wake up at dawn every morning to practice meditation in the yoga shala. As we sat in silence we’d hear the chirping of birds and crashing of waves in the distance. I’ve never been somewhere so peaceful or felt so at peace in my life – not something a lot of people imagine about India! My time studying in Goa changed my perspective on life, something I hope to recreate for my students.

I’d always imagined I would teach English abroad at some stage in my life. I moved to Vietnam to do so in January 2017 and stayed until May. While I enjoyed my time working in Vietnam, I didn’t feel like I was making an impact in the way that I had hoped. I taught a few yoga classes to my fellow teachers but opportunities outside of teaching English were limited. The lifestyle I had imagined for myself where I woke up every morning to swim in the ocean, practice yoga and cook veggie food just wasn’t an option. I knew that my dream life was attainable and so I started to look for something else…

I picked up an online job as a Virtual Assistant while still in Vietnam. The freedom to work from anywhere gave me the option to travel as I pleased. With this new found freedom I decided to move to Bali. It was there that I started my first business, My Travel Tribe. These days I spend my time between Bali, Chiang Mai and Dublin. I’m travelling less and this relative stability helps me to stay focused on my work and spend time with the people I love.